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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 6, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tomorrow night as we go live now to abc7 sports anchor mike shumann. shu, giants have to be disappointed this game came down to one bad throw in the seventh. >> no question, larry. top 7, 2 men on. a sacrifice bunt laid down. let's show you video. he is normally a good defensive pitcher and fielding may be the worst area made in his career. tried to get the out at third. two men will score. brice harper added to the dilemma later. 4-1 would be the final. manager bruce bocci agreed that that was just a bad play on his part. >> he tried to do too much. and he tried to rush it and threw ate way well, too. i may add. i'm here in the game like that.
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you know it's probably going to cost you, which it did. he pitched great. it's not a good decision and you wish you can get it back. >> well, they have gone 21 innings without scoring a run. unfortunately they loaded them up and giants now up >> fans circled around tvs trut the bay area. a dozen people had lunches at grumpy's to cheer on the giants. that is about three and a half shorter than saturday's game the giants had their winning streak snapped by the nationals. >> let's head back new.
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>> wayne freedman joins us now with more from fans. wayne? >> you throw it to me, i'll catch it. ten consecutive post-season wins is impressive. double digits that had to end sometime. it happened to be today. when a baseball team has a streak of ten wins it's safe to assume someone should take credit. his record, he says, is astounding. >> how many of these cheese burgers have you had? . >> i used to be skinny. >> isn't it strange how two victories can turn a one starved fan base into what we saw today? >> is there anything else or rank that you don't -- >> no. i did paint my car. >> with others that painted
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their toes and dressed dogs and themselves. they believe the giants now. >> they win today they'll be waiting and rested. in good position >> you should be a manager. >> thank you my wife thinks i should, too. >> giants started out as the best team in baseball then had a sweep that turned them into the worst. >> now it's a game at a time. a series at a time. bonus time for someone that likes the giants because any game is a gift. >> this is a dream team. only time they do well is when
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their backs are to the wall. >> the wall is within sight. dave rabsami had two burgers. >> geents want to close this out tomorrow. necessary the series will return to washington, d.c. for game five on thursday. let's not talk about that right now. though. witht( a loss here is giants rey for more october baseball. this shot, panda hat included. that is a good
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>> a man remains in serious condition. two men have been arrested on suspicion of felony assault. the incident happened during yesterday's niners-chiefs game and says it started when the victim brushed past one suspect. that is when two men started throwing punches after hitting the victims the suspect took off running. >> a lot, alcohol has to do with. there are police officers and security throughout the game. >> things are going to happen. you can't stop everything. >> the stadium has personnel and
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police on duty during games and issued this statement today. it says we would like to send our concerns and well wishes to the victims of yesterday's incident. >> a marin county principal has resigned he led the branson school in ross sheriff deputies went to his room after getting a call from another man worried about his girlfriend using drugs on friday. deputies say they had to wake up the 21-year-old brittany hall because she was unconscious claiming price had cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine inside of the home. branson school trustees said in a letter no students were involved in that incident. >> police on the lookout for a man seen in this video. saying he assaulted a woman outside of her home. this is on san jose avenue near
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23 street on saturday. the rest rauft released this video hoping it will help find the attacker. >> pg&e is admitting it found more e mails showing it may have broken the rules and may have illustrated a cozy relationship between the company and regulators charged with keeping an eye on the utility. >> this batch includes mike flooro. in one, the commissioner teams to fend off questions from the governor's office. saying dana william son may be calling to ask similar questions. next saturday prevails nchl a
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conversation by phone today he tells me he trying to get information to satisfy questions from officials. and the commissioner says he realizes that the tone of the exchanges is not appropriate between executives of the utility and people charged with regulating them. >> that is why we've taken the steps today. we've separated individuals. >> insin yu yated himself to a degree that was not appropriate. and certainly on my guard going forward not to let that happen. >> e mails are part, obligated
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to report their information. this comes as the commission is weighing $1.4 billion in fines following the explosion and response of 2010. this is a second batch of e mails released in the last few weeks the president of the public utilities commission recruised himself from pg&e rate proceedings and he has asked for the resignation of the chief of staff. >> this is a crowded race, the mayor put his name behind one of the top >> as it is now, an endorsement from the governor couldn't help. what the governor could not tell
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us is who he will put as second and third choice. >> he's endorse in the crowded mayor's race >> i'm here to endorse her because she has a lot of common sense, good things on the city council >> i am so excited to bring back to oakland government that energy for oakland. >> my concern is not what other candidates are doing. >> the polls show that rebecca kaplan says she's not focused on what they're doing. >> our evidence shows we're
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succeeding at that. >> shaft was picking up the governor's blessing another top contender. >> it would be nice to be the place it used to be. >> he was trying to gain favor there. >> i any anyone wants to remember "sports illustrated" affect. you know, they put your picture on the magazine, you lose the next game that you play. >> the mayor, jean kwan's campaign claiming she does have the most diverse coalitions in the race. in oakland, abc7 news. >> and how much does a landlord have to pay to kick you out of your apartment. affordable housing in san francisco. >> and ushering in activities by
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sea on land and in the air. >> i'll let you know when inland areas will get relief from the hot weather coming up. >> and later, some cardiac patients defying odds, offering thanks to first responders.
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a federal judge heard a battle over landlord and renters
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rights over an increase in the amount of money it will take to get a renter to leave. carolyn? >> under the previous law san francisco land lords pay tenants up to 5200s fdz they wanted them to move out so they can move n now, that could be in the six figures the plaintiffs in a lawsuit say that amounts to illegal seizure of their property. >> san francisco is one of the most expensive places in the country to live. but daniel and maria levin feel land lords are victims. >> there is a lot of problems with housing in san >> that would mean evicting a renter living down stairs and under san francisco new relocation law, property owners have to pay between tenant current rent and cost of cobble prabl housing for two full
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years. the levins say they'd have to shell out $117,000 the author of the ordinance says it's part of the solution to the city's affordability crisis. >> the landlords will still make a lot of money with this law. we're saying help tenants have a fighting chance to stay in the city. >> but they're asking a federal judge to decide the constitutionality. >> the levins aren't causing the rent control problem they're not causing the reason the rents are so high. why are they being forced to solve that problem? >> the battle between property owners and tenants is heating up in san francisco. claudia is a teacher facing eviction from her mission district. >> the relocation would help us relocate here, maybe in the city
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and it difficult difficult to stay. >> it's going to take a chunk out of our retirement. >> today, the judge gave the city until friday to provide for the economic forces driving this new law. they'll review that and the plaintiff's response before issuing a ruling. in the newsroom abc7 news. >> if you pay nothing to park at certain bart stations you'll soon have to shell out a dollar. commuters pay at many stations. it will end three weeks from today. bart will charge for parking next month. the system author sizes but officials haven't said when that will happen. >> we're looking ahead. some of us just after 6:00
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tomorrow night. >> what could be happening this. the weather is going to be fantastic. we'll take a look at that in just a moment. we'll talk about the trend expected this week. those of you who do not like hot weather you still have mid to upper 90s inland today. things are going to change towards next couple days. live doppler 7 hd watching fog at the coast. take a look at those. just a beautiful view loaning towards san francisco. it's 65. san carlos into upper 70s, still 80 degrees in san jose. 57 in half moon bay. looking out towards the bay beautiful view of the moon there. temperatures mid-80s in santa rosa. 72 in petaluma. 92 in livermore. our view from our mount tam cam showing you fog down below and wispy clouds above
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we're looking at fog and high clouds, cooling through thursday, warming it back up this weekend. here is the pacific satellite picture, tropical storm simon expected to weaken to around the low, moving in across baja peninsula. expected to dump heavy rain. could cause flash flooding. a ridge of high pressure remains in place, which is why you still have to deal with the heat today. we're expecting that ridge to get nudged east this week. that will allow for the cooling sea breeze, and some fog to reach some of the bay side and inland communities temperatures did fall and the inln areas still cooking. fog in over the coast and bay tomorrow morning for the commute. temperatures will start ot on the cool side in santa rosa and napa. low 50s there. 51 half moon bay and santa cruz. other areas into mid-50s to low 60s first thing in the morning. tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be a nice day but not as hot
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as today. 90 degrees in morgan hill. 82 in sunnyvale. peninsula, sunshine, 82 degrees in menlo park. 62 in pacifica. same thing for daily city. low 60s. 72 tout san francisco. north bay. 60s along the coast, up to low 90s and almost summer like micro climates. 85 in san rafael. towards east bay, temperatures coming down as well. you're into 80s today in oakland. 79 union city. inland spots. 94 livermore, 93 antioch tomorrow night, big game. giants against nationals. at and t park. going to start sunny, then, fog rolls in. mid-60s dropping into low 60s later on in the game. make sure you take a sweat
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shirt. accu-weather forecast temperatures will come down a few degrees every day right on through thursday. we bottom out in mid-80s inland. mid-60s coast. not until the weekend when it starts to warm back up low 70s to low 90s saturday through monday, with fog pretty much absent. cheryl and larry? >> thank you. >> and coming up next, a final chapter for a marin county oyster farm. why they say they've decided to give up the fight to stay open.
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drake's bay oyster company will keep it's business open until the end of the year, then close for good the settlement with the federal government ends a long battle over the fate of the oyster farm. the park service will help relocate workers and remove farming equipment from the area. it will plan to open a new restaurant overlooking the bay. >> tonight's money matters price tag rises on a controversial facebook acquisition. the takeover of the mobile messaging subpoenas what's app is now complete. a $19 billion cash and stock deal announced in february but
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5,000 jobs will be eliminated. and the other software and internet services. hp stock rose almost 6%. >> on demand ride service hired the main chief operating officer of it's competitor, lyft. the hilton hotel chain sold the waldorf astoria. hilton will manage the hotel for the next 100 years. >> a hundred years? i've got 100 years to get there? >> yes. >> more still to come tonight at 6:00. tonight's ruling on same-sex marriage the supreme court steps in by
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not taking action. >> also, weekend arrest of a chicago teenager charged in federal court with trying to join a terrorist group, isis. >> an american journalist coming home with the ebola virus. dr. r
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>> this is the nondecision that will change the face of america. >> and we're married again. >> gay couples are celebrating after the highest court refuses to act on same-sex marriage. by not ruling today has given the green light to same-sex marriage. abc7 news picks up the story in washington. >> today, the supreme court did nothing but nothing sent a strong message. >> it was a momentous and
6:30 pm
historic moment for us. >> the court said it will not take up any of the cases currently before it. meaning for now, the court is not waiting into the debate ask couples are free to marry in five more states. wisconsin, indiana, utah and virginia. >> we celebrate when moving closer to fulfilling the promise of equality. >> six states will be imacted. that means same-sex marriage could be legal in 30 states. >> we can plan marriages and have children. and we can go about our daily lives without worrying about discrimination >> but a tone of resignation from some officials in states with cases before the supreme court. >> i am surprised about this
6:31 pm
to determine what is a significant issue of our time >> the president has >> it's the president says it is wrong to prevent couples in from doing so. >> they wanted the supreme court to weigh in with one decision there are 20 states with a ban on same-sex marriage. means the issue could be back sometime in the future. >> a chicago man answered charges he plans to join isis the 19-year-old parents darted away from reporters. fbi agents arrested him at o'hare international airport when he tried to fly to turkey
6:32 pm
saturday. prosecutors claim a search of his home turned up documents expressing his support for isis, including maps and drawings. i'm shocked and it's four doors down. >> when they find funding they'll find a source. >> the news camera man who contracted ebola in liberia arrived for treatment today. he walked off a plane and headed to a hospital quarantine unit. he may have contracted the virus while helping clean an infected
6:33 pm
car. >> and speaking of liberia, the liberian man being treated in dallas his condition is worsening. drug maker shymariz received approval to give the drug to patients. calls have been pouring in up to 800 per day. officials are trying to ease fears there tonight. >> now a priest in madrid contracted the virus in africa. a nurse picked it up outside of africa.
6:34 pm
her case prompted the president to order a review of what is being done to protect medical workers here in the united states. >> we've got to make sure our health workers are informed and work on protocols to do additional passenger screenings. this makes me confident chances of an epidemic here are extraordinarily low. >> the president said the best thing we can do is have empathy for west africa and see the outbreak is stopped there. >> abc news chief gives only mediocre marks to the case in texas. . >> i give a c minus the reason is that that meant was sent to the community where
6:35 pm
he can spread disease more. other thing is that family was left in the apartment for i think five days before they were removed and it was decontaminated i would give a higher mark looking for people. that is the important thing in terms of limiting the spread of the disease. >> he says blocking flights only make matters worse by causing more fear and making the crisis go on longer. now, we're updating latest developments on the situation with our abc7 news app. >> you know it's fleet week when blue angels arrive.
6:36 pm
this year events are expected to be better than ever thanks to arrival of the uss america going to be commissioned here in san francisco. >> arrival of the blue angels symbolizes the apriefal of fleet week. it was the navy's newest ship uss america cutting through dense fog that made an unofficial start to fleet week. finally arriving this morning in san francisco. it will be commissioned on thursday meaning it will now be a part of the navy's fleet. >> it's exactly what uss america
6:37 pm
is ready to do. >> we can go out and perform missions with marine core we have on board. >> some crew members went through drills to demonstrate many things they're able to do. >> amazing. i haven't seen my family in a year. so it is an amazing feeling. >> it trance sports the platoon which consists of doctors and nurses ready to set up an emergency room practically anywhere in the world. this was shown to the public at
6:38 pm
san francisco general hospital. >> it can treat up to 50 patients. 20% being critical without reply. >> here is where surgeries would be performed up to 18 within 48 th this would be helpful. >> you can get details on fleet week on abc7 we've posted a schedule along with video. >> fun to see it. >> yes. >> losing a wedding ring can be devastating the question, why isn't anyone coming forward to claim one that this woman found in her purse? michael finney will join us next.
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a company recalled 410 pounds of pirshkis. we don't know what went wrong but the standard as ply to things like cooking and refrigeration. they are original beef and cheese and paramount beef.
6:42 pm
november illnesses have been reported so far. >> we have been update to a story about a good sam marion. >> yes. michael joins us now with efforts. >> it's so fabulous. she got a surprise when she bought a purse at this secondhand retailer, the buffalo exchange. the woman she used her purse for months the ring had fallen in the hole of the lining in her purse. she pulled out keys and found the ring.
6:43 pm
20 people called. katie isn't giving up finding the owner. >> it feels like it's a gift because it's a great story. and if we can't find the owner, i'll be sad >> i'll tell you about the last ditch effort to get the owner. >> can't describe the ring. >> that is my ring. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> coming up next, cardiac patients defied odds offering thanks to first responders who
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if you go into cardiac arrest and need cpr there is only a one in ten chance you'll live to tell about it. two people who defied odds stood up to honor rescuers. we have that story and lesson that's come with us.
6:47 pm
>> thank you ashley. thank you. >> standing ovation from fire officials and park rangers, ray hamby present add wards to two people that saved his life. i'm trained to do cpr and never had to perform it on someone. i thought that is where i would be. >> he collapsed teaching a class here at ymca. the staff are required to know cpr. >> anyone can be a first responder. and it's very important because it can happen to you. or to the person right next to you. >> i got shocked six times but breathing on my own before emt got there.
6:48 pm
>> myself, really. >> the ceremony happened as the fire department continued to take heat over response time. saying it wasn't the ambulance but the training of the citizens that made a difference >> it's a still that can be learned at the high school level. >> you think oh, they're going to be able to save them it's not. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> that is a good skill to have. >> it's fantastic. >> well, sandhya patel talking about giants and radar here. >> yes.
6:49 pm
weather is going to be terrific. if you're doing traveling, they're expecting rain and thunderstorms. 84 in san francisco. 86 los angeles, dense fog, sunshine. heat will continue around sacramento. yosemite, low to mid-90s here in the bay area, summer like spread it's fall, highs for tuesday, 63 half moon bay. 72 downtown. 78 oakland walnut creek up to 90 degrees, temperatures coming down in antioch. 93, but hot. taking a look at festivities forecast, temperatures come down thursday low 70s, mid to upper 70s friday and saturday. weather looking terrific. not going to be hoo hot.
6:50 pm
nice recovery over the weekend >> thank you. >> sports is coming up next. mike shumann live, not drenched in champagne after the giants
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well, giants today lost to nationals had other ideas. it was dry. madison bumgartner played well and pomp and circumstance filled the air. six innings with 7, 2 earned runs and six hits. 6 and 6 strikeouts. seven shut out three. sacrifice bonds. and then, cabrerra through the
6:54 pm
hole. giants in trouble. 24th for ride on, no doubt about it. it leads the series and can't throw the ball way up there. >> i toll them to throw a third with the way it's going out thought we might have a chance. probably should have taken out at first. >> big run to improve 3 and 2. they're doing this without scoring in red zone.
6:55 pm
and the report about the coaching status threatened to derail good feelings after yesterday's victory against chiefs. former niner quarterback alex smith. and saying sometimes he rubs people the wrong way but has an mazing way to find ways to win ball games. >> don't ask them. it's not their job to defend the head coach. their job is to do their job. play football. and that is what i've seen
6:56 pm
of them. >> looking football, looked at film and said no jobs were discussed. the 66-year-old wouldn't rule him outcoming back. and reporting live i'm mike assuman, abc7 sports. >> shu we'll see you back tomorrow. >> tonight. that sunset is just spectacular i can't hear what i'm talking about. a couple made history when they became parents of a baby born in a transplanted womb. >> return of the ring. helping with a local good samaritan's effort to do the right thing. and here is tonight's line up on abc7 starting with a new "dancing with the stars" followed by castle and abc7 news
6:57 pm
at 11:00. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. our coverage continues owe on twitter abc7 news bay area. look at this. >> i know. >> i'm cheryl jennings for sandhya, spencer and the entire team thank you for inviting us into your homes tonight. goodbye
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